Tip - using the Solid Edge 2023 Open-Save Macro

Tip - using the Solid Edge 2023 Open-Save Macro

Tip - Run the Open-Save Macro
It is often helpful after upgrading Solid Edge to a new version to also update all of your files to the new version too (this avoids some issues we have seen with working with very old files).

The Open-Save macro is delivered with a sample set of programs that show how to customize Solid Edge, and can be downloaded from your Webkey account under Solid Edge Addons, or from the Prolim Onedrive here: https://prolim365.sharepoint.com/:u:/s/ANZ/EWderLQ10NVBqGcXhR59BQYB7ZpEdtD-9WGkYilN52L-hQ?e=5ucvFg,

Once downloaded, unzip the file (Solid_Edge_Sample_Programs_2023_2210.zip) into the ...Program Files\Solid Edge 2023\Custom directory (you will need to create this as a new sub-directory), and the Open-Save macro executable is located at ...\OpenSave\bin\OpenSave.exe

This will (as the name implies) open and save the desired files to update them to the new version.  It uses some registry switches to enable it to work much quicker than doing this manually for each file and will improve performance and reduce issues.

As it still needs to open and save all the files, you should ensure that others do not have files open at the time you are running the macro, as this will cause file access errors.  If there are too many files to perform the operation on in one batch, you can break this up into separate batches to be run at times when other users will not be interrupted.

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